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Week 10 - Feudalism

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HST 584
Martin Greig

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Week 10 FeudalismNovember07111112 AMThe development of castles was used for defence and governance Became a means in which the nobles could control the surrounding areaBecame a symbol of local powerNobles named themselves by their chief castle Beginning of surnames and family identityCastles were a more permanent identity or fixture in familiesEldest sons would inherit land and power known as primogenitureLand was given conditionally to a nobleman in exchange for military serviceThe estate was called a fiefNew type of relationship formed called a feudomComes to be known as feudalismFeudalismKing gives land to nobleman cassal in exchange for a formal promiseThe vassal swears homage to the king or the person above themThe lord literally said I promise to be your man They would also swear fealty to them where they would swear on a BibleFeudal system was unique to Western EuropeIn the Muslim world the government relied on paid civil servants to collect taxes Western Europe was cash poorKingDukes countsNobility abbot head of monasteryPeasantsVassal obligationsService in the armyAgree to join y
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