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Turkish Time Line

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HST 584
Martin Greig

Point of the crusades Alexius makes a call to the Pope to convince people from Western Europe to help conquer Asia Minor The Turks Why was Western Europe so concerned oThere was concern in Western Europe about the Byzantine Empire regarding the loss of the Byzantines to the Turks oJerusalem was a holy site for three religions Western Europe wanted to help the Byzantines take back control of Jerusalem from Muslim hands oGrowth of Feudalism based on Military leadersestablishing their connection with other leaders 7 1097 Real knights show up in oThe Pope saw an opportunity to use the call to rally Western Byzantium Alexius made them Christians as feudalism was causing war swear homage to him in which all the land would be his after the 3 1071 Battle of crusade Successfully capture 5 1095 Pope Urban II calls Manzikert Turks Asia Minor in Nicea Crusaders meeting in Clairmont France with battle for Asia then go to Antioch and Jerusalem religious and secular leaders Minor very capturing the Holy Land and 1 1000 Abasid Wanted to redirect war behaviour prosperous the slaughtering First Crusade is Calebs take over amongknights toward Turks Byzantines and win successful and the areaturns into 4 Baghdad Fatimid instead Summoned all knights to aid Byzantine empire crusader states are emerging as a the Christians in the Byzantine fal
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