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Catherine Ellis

12 years of third reich 19331945Swatsika formation history previous of thrid reich leaders of nazis nazi symbols nuremberg trials neo nazi different organizations in nazi like ss pretorian guards executioners like modern killers take photos of victims hitler vs modern day politicians hitler love of kids nazi regime intl relations how cupable are german citizens life of citizens in germany hitler uses chritisanity as a tool backing off swedan use of swiss banks corporations during nazi germanyAnsillan keifer painting of varros referring to nuremberg to troop formation Hitler considered genious ignores generals advise in the beginning and wins battlesFirst media created politician where he goes film crews follow tuned to motion pic propaganda in a modern sense Hope of german ppl put on hitlerCatch phrase of working towards hitler where ppl competed to please hitler and work to gain his favour and did things despite hitler not commanding them to Hitler as a feudal lord from regalia to uniforms and rankSs symbols is zeig runes for nordic mythology of casting victory to skulls on hatWhile executions happen hitler tells ppl their killing ppl decently an op word and living the good lifeHitler loves children Hitler kills own ppl and kids before killing slavs etcKids killed by gas chambers first for those not fit and dilute german race Philip vilmer head of euthanasia centre Dr mangalay joseph angel of death who collected twins in aushwitz Joseph kramer beast of beslanPpl loved hitler because quality of living became better cost to travel to paris fell once paris fell to nazi hand Gold stolen from victims used to create a german middle classMedical community educated ppl participated in killingCrimes nazi did defined intl law genocide History of nazi is based on testimony at nuremberg Aug 2 1934 hidemburg diesNational socialism is the euphemism of nazism nazi dont consider themselves as fascism like italy spain and portugal In ancona italy in aug 1943 theres a unit by the name of ahnerabe dispatched by heinry heimler powerful runs ss and gustapo and hitler right hand man Ss rent concentrations victims to german corporationsnazi germany is slave state like rome n greece but in those nations there were laws protecting slaves Concentration victims called musalman Went to ancona to find birth certificate of the germans written by roman historian by taxisous in 98 Taxidous use the word german for the ppl in northern province for the first time Writes that germans are not mixed but pure race marriage code is strict almost alone of other tribes to be happy with on wife Tribes of germany are free from all taint and are distinct race have blue eyes huge frame red hair Taxidous is writing wat the romans are not like its a satire Mussolini allows loan to germany in 1930 hitler is rejected to keep the manuscript and when mussolini is out of favour hitler sends troops to go get despite german offense getting ass kicked in russiaTaxidous also write battle of varros Varros is leading troops through black forest teutoburg and germanic tribes led by armanius a former roman legion a name basterised to herman Germans build false road to swamp nd pile deadwood and camouflage and stab away with spears Takes 5 days to kill 20 000 in year 9and the tribes takes roman armour and make shrines This is the imagery the nazi used to portray in standards ant trying to portray romans Built a herman shrine after franco prussian war where they win Its to show as a defeat of western values Germans are forest ppl different like western ppl who are open plains German army master at camouflage Women victim hair shaved to prevent typhis dehumanize and shocks prisoners use hair forindustrial products like slippers in submarine Himler makes deal with ig farbin 4th largest company dealing with petrochemicals which builds auchwitz Ss broken down into departments including gustapo business and military aspect Ethnic germans found in poland or russia are taken and moved throughout europe 1 million members in ss Himler makes it to time magazine 3 times interested in holistic medicine sees himself as a teutonic knight a feministHimler runs an ahnenerbe a scientific institute that tries to find ancestral heritage of germans which belived germans were giants living in mount everest and came down and shrunk due to gravityWolfram sievers is part of ahnenbre who stored human bodies for museum pieces and research so they can display in museums and say these are ppl killed and extint Camouflage introduced camoflauge for different seasons and decreased casualtiesOak leaves used for rank and regalia used due to herman in the oak forest
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