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Lecture 2

HST702 - Lecture 2 The Long Fuse

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Ryerson University
HST 702
Tomaz Jardim

HST702 September 6, 2013 Tomaz Jardim The Long Fuse Origins of the First World War - Class relations chancing with emergence of powerful working class - Challenge to status quo o Women wanted the vote - What would a modern war look like? o Change in technology - Why was war a possibility? o Why was the prospect of war a wonderful opportunity? Assassination of Franz Ferdinand - Heir of Austro-Hungarian empire Great Britain - Seen as being the most powerful nation in Europe in 1914 - In control of the largest colonial empire o By 1900, ¼ of the world’s population was ruled by the British - First state to industrialize - All states hungry for more power - Great Britain doesn’t want anything o change because they’re on top France - True republic since 1870, legitimately democratic - Electoral system = proportional representation (minority coalition government) - Germans fought the French and took Alsace and Loraine (1871) - Dream of revenge against the Germans - Big lender of loans to Russia Russia - Far less politically involved than other states in Europe - Ruled by absolute monarch (Tsar Nicholas II) - Ruled by huge bureaucracy o Corrup
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