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Lecture 12

HST702 - Lecture 12 Crisis in Germany and Ludendorff's Last Gamble.docx

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HST 702
Tomaz Jardim

HST702 November 15, 2013 Tomaz Jardim Crisis in Germany and Ludendorff's Last Gamble 1 - Political and Social Crisis in Germany - Military dictatorship over the German state - Hindenburg and Ludendorff had been given power o Hunger and Discontent - By 1917: German people are very unhappy - Food shortages - 3/4 a million died by the end of the war due to malnutrition and starvation - Bread riots begin (similar to the women protesting that sparked the Russian Revolution) - German people demanding peace o The Reichstag and Military Budgets - Parliament retained a few key powers - Kaiser made sure they had these powers to legitimize - Parliament has power of granting and withholding the necessary funds to fight the war - 1914: all the parties are behind the war so they approve budgets no problem - By 1917: Germans are very unhappy o The Peace Resolution and the Fatherland Party - Unbinding - No way of enforcing - Demands a peace of understanding - Rejecting the continuing fighting of the war fo
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