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Lecture 10

HST702 - Lecture 10 1917 Mud Mutinies and Calls for Peace.docx

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HST 702
Tomaz Jardim

HST702 October 30, 2013 Tomaz Jardim 1917: Mud, Mutinies and Calls for Peace 1 - The War in the East o The Brusilov Offensive and Its Impact - Russians grow immortalized and frustrated - No matter how many troops they send to fight the Germans, they don't get anywhere - British and French pressuring Russians to push against the Germans - June 1916: Brusilov Offensive launched  One of the greatest victories of the Triple Entente  Brusilov is a skilled strategist, didn't get his positing just be knowing people  He knew it didn't make sense to attack Germans head on  Believes in the element f surprise as being vital for victory  Brusilov decides to attack Austro-Hungarians in Galicia  Surprise and speed would be of the essence  Brusilov wants a short offensive, so they're surprised and they can take them quickly  Physically hides troops as he builds them up in Galicia  Planned carefully for the campaign  Proved that Russian troops could be successful when carefully led  Russians take 26,000 Austro-Hungarian prisoners  Austro-Hungarians run from the Russians  Russians pick up guns the Austro-Hungarians leave behind  Line pushes forward significantly, especially in comparison to the lack of advancement on the western front  Restored mobility to the war - Austro-Hungarians call Germany to help them, Germany says deal with it  Germans enlist Turks to fight with the Austro-Hungarians, Austro- Hungarians see that as an insult (ethnic racism) - Brusilov committed most of his troops to the front line, and didn't have many reserve troops to maintain the land - Germans gradually come to the rescue of Austro-Hungary, halting the offensive - Austro-Hungarians will never launch another successful attack during the war - Hollow victory for the Russians  More than a million Russians lost  Offensive came to an halt when winter started  Russian troops desert the offensive 2 - Where to Next? Doubts and Dissent - When Kaiser Wilhelm II heard about German difficulties, he declared the war was lost o David Lloyd George and Douglas Haig - David Lloyd George looks at the Sommes and sees disaster - Wants to focus on different fronts to get battle lines moving again - Henry Charles Petty-Fitzmaurice witnesses how little the battle of the Sommes achieved - Douglas Haig says the Sommes wasn't a disaster because we bled the Germans  The Sommes helped to put the Germans in a dangerous place o The Chantilly Conference: Renewing the Fight in the West - Generals Joffre and Haig organize a conference to convince world leaders to continue fighting the western front rather than walking away from it o Emperor K
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