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Lecture 9

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Ryerson University
HST 702
Tomaz Jardim

HST701 October 25, 2013 Tomaz Jardim The Global War 1) Opportunistic Allies - Romania joins the war (the Entente) in 1915 because they're ethnics and don't want to be taken over by Austria-Hungary - Bulgaria joins the Central Powers in 1915 because they want influence in the Balkans - Greece joins Entente in 1917 as response to Bulgaria joining the war - Small states that wait, stand back, observe, figure out where their national interests lie - They join the side they think will win so they could gain something out of the war - War expands because of colonialism  Why only fight the Europeans when you can seize other territories and grow  Imperialism 2) The War in Asia o Samoa, New Guinea and Tsingtao - British looking at German possessions (Samoa and New Guinea) and they wanted them - Japanese also looking for German territories - Easy targets - Japanese and British see that Germans are in a hard place because they have 2 warfronts - Japanese take Marshall Islands, Mariana Islands and Carolina Islands - Japanese wanted to exert control over China  Look to China in 1914  Germans had acquired port in Tsingtao on a lease, claiming their hold on China  Japanese sail 50 ships into the port, bringing 50,000 troops  Month of fighting aided by British forces  Germans cut off from any outside support - Japanese have a foothold in China  Japan makes demands to China, they were weak so hey were forced to accept 3) The War in Africa o Battling the Elements - Berlin conference: in the event of a future European war, they will respect the colonial holdings as neutral - Too tempting for British so they scrap the agreement and take advantage - British and French suspicious of each other in Africa > t
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