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HST 702- class note 1

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Ryerson University
HST 702
Tomaz Jardim

HST 702 The First World War Professor Tomaz JardimFall 2014Section 1Mondays 111 Fridays 910Email tjardimryersoncaOffice JOR 530Phone 416 9795000 x 2132Office HoursWednesdays 130230Course Description The First World War was a struggle of unprecedented proportions a conflict so transformative and so devastating that diplomat and historian George Kennan characterized it as the seminal catastrophe of the twentieth century This course will explore the First World War as the first total war a war that mobilized entire societies and fundamentally transformed them in the process Therefore while this course will examine the causes and major developments of this conflict in its various theatres it will focus not only on the fighting fronts but on the home fronts and on the civilian experience By drawing on social cultural political economic and gender history this course will explore the totality of the war from diverse angles and perspectives Major topics will include the campaigns in the east and west the trench experience the mobilization of the home front including the role of women the extension of government power and the use of propaganda revolutionary upheavals in Europe the targeting of civilian populations and the Armenian genocide peacemaking and the legacy of Versailles and the First World War in modern memory The course will combine lectures and seminars and will also draw upon film and other visual materialsCourse Texts required ndMichael Lyons World War I A Short History 2 ed Additional course readings and primary documentswill be posted on BlackboardStaying on top of the assigned reading is both mandatory and essential and will contribute significantly to your success in HST 702 Assignments and Grades Seminar Participation 20 MidTerm Test 20 Written in class October 10Major Paper30November 14Due in class Final Exam 30 Written during the scheduled exam periodGraded written work and exams must be picked up in classgrades will not be posted on line Comments on your assignments are carefully prepared and should be read Seminars Students in HST 702 not only are required to attend regular lectures but also four seminars that will occur in place of lectures at set times during the term see schedule below At the beginning of the semester students will be placed in groups that will meet to discuss major topics 1
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