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HSM330 Dec 6 lecture

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Health Services Management
HSM 330
Daolun Chen

Dec 6/ 2010 Death + dignity  Leading causes of death- cancer and heart disease  Cancer has accounted for 30% of death  Heart disease has accounted for 22%  Stroke is the third leading cause accounting for 6%  Other causes of deaths: in Order: 1) chronic lower respiratory disease 2) accidents 3) diabetes 4) alzhimers disease 5) influenza and amonia 6) kidney disease and suicide Physicians assisted suicide  Survey was done and looked at 10 000 docs whom answered a varity of questions related to physicans assisted suicides  40.7% answered NO 45.8% said YES and 13.5% said it DEPENDS - some docs were upset by the questions  Physicans and individuals who also think that its good and some say its not Current events:  When it comes to physicians, the number working in Canada has been growing in record rate between 2008-2009: large single year inc in the number of physicans working in Canada in the last two decades - according to this report there were 68100 active in Canada, with the influx of young medical students and graduates more docs than ever before are going to look at this number and limit the number of people who are thinking about medicines  Average specialist $323 004, top growist specialist in Alberta optomologiest $700043  People who live to 100 or older have adopted certain life choices, their nutrition and diet, there has been a tropical fruit leading to better health- mango steam- is a unique tropical fruit in south east Asia- the primary active component is axanthones which are biological active and structural similar to biflaboniv- anti inflammatory, anti allergic and anti convulsants abilities  Remember the kind of excuses you give to people, according to a report an employer asked his employee asked do you believe life after death.  Mark twain “a fear of death from the fear of life”, a man who lives fully is not scared of death  Total cost of litigation are huge, a will is the essential part of living Video:  Danielle and Andrew lawyers for micheal Jackson will!  Top two tips: 1) don’t wait 2) just because you have a will your not done, always update it  When it comes to a discussion with your family do it in a delicate way, you need this legal document for your wealth to distribute the way you want it Video #2  Expense you want to delay  They think they will live forever  The only way to leave a clear document of how you want your wealth to be distributed  Spouses get the first 200 000 and the young girls were share on the assets and the they would get a fair bit of money when they were 18  Power of attorney: 1) power of attorney over property 2) power of attorney over personal care; who you want to be in charge of your personal care if your not mentally competent * one person could be both  Hire a professional: identify tax issues, family relationships, court brings a) cost b)  Terry schiavo; in 1993 brought forth an application to the court, she was arguing she should be given the right whether she should live or die, she was suffering from ALS ( logerics disease) - she was worried as her disability would progress and her terminal condition will no longer be bearable, she wanted to terminate her life, devastating and she wanted the ability to control the timing and the manner - the court didn’t allow physicans assisted suicide, ( sec 24 1B), she argued that it was unconstitutional but they said it was ( which means that she wasn’t allowed to do assisted phycians suicide)  Quebec collage of assistant called for changes, they argued that doctors there should be allowed to administer this for imminent and enevitable death  The criminal code defines euthanasia a crime  In nov last yr a majority of Canadian in quebec favour euthanasia and they believe that criminal code should be amended to allow people to have physicans assisted suicide - there are pro - people who would accept but under some circumstances -  The most important thing we can do is to understand that people ned the respect when they are dying, and to offer them this respect is to know what their wishes are  Death in dying in the 21 century are different from before, when it comes to providing support  The definition of death has become problematic as a result of technology  The definition of death meant that someone’s heart beat stops before but today we talk about brain deaths, allowing the declaration of death, what we forget is that dying is not based on biological terms we forget who the person is and where they are coming from  In Canada we use the biomedical model that looks at death in biological factor only but death is also a social emotional and spiritual issue  Cope lerose provide us with additional insight into us there are five stages when it
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