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Ryerson University
HTR 741
Michael Hunter

HTR 741 LECTURE Scope - inclusions and exclusions, delimitations. Concerns whom. What topics will discuss and what will what I miss? Who, where, when and what. - Eg: participants were recuited with the following criteria in mind, participants were screened to eliminate members of tour groups. Scope was: - a mix of demographics and number of visits to the CN tower. - Mix of people who would or would not recommend the tower to others; and those unlikely to return to the tower in the near future. - The purpose of the last criterion was to enable us to explore in depth the reasons why some people visit the CN tower very infrequently. - Always defend your scope. Operational definitions - key terms need to be deigned - how item being defined can be identified? - 4 reasons why we need operational definitions: - 1) to identify the presence or absence of something. - 2) for the reader to understand what is being discussed. - 3) you have to agree on definitions and consistently - 4) for replicate of studies - reader has to be told what your definitions are. Because you want the reader to understand your research - must our studies operational definitions be same as other studies? No, your operational definition should match your hypothesis but it is smart to match it with other studies so you can compare and replicate. Objectives: 1) why is this topic important. 2) define senior citizen and relevant characteristics. 3) inventory and rank order locational criteria needs 4) establish if any existing locations meet criteria 5) assess a sample of actual sites to see if any sites really meet criteria - objectives and scope are bound together. 6) explain how poor sites cam to be building location and why they didn’t get rejected. - the purpose and objectives should be states so well that anyone could read and understand it. - - identifying the overall purpose is they key and you have to have scopes. - Eg: great research topic; how do get a job, (number 1 way of getting a job is making as many friends as you can and how to stay in touch with your friends). - Don’t arrive early for interviews becase it shows you are very free - Always be the last one to do interviews because they leave the most memor
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