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Lecture 2

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Ryerson University
HTR 741
Michael Hunter

HTM LECTURE 2ECONOMICSFor the environmental scan write about if there is a potential opportunity or threat to the marketTrends you select must be relevant to the company4 trends within a trendImportant economic trend GDP Consumer confidence unemployment job creation housing charts interest rates stock market45000 job losses in the month of December in Canada 15000 lost and 15000 gained in jobsIn Jan 2008 the GDP slowed down and in 2009 it started increasingIn 2009 uptake in retail tradeUnemployment has dropped from the 70s to the 2000sFor the environmental scan if doing economic write about forecasted data In the 80s inflation was high and unemployment was as well do not talk about history in the environmental scanGo to td bank site other legitimate sourcesDEMOGRAPHIC TRENDSFORCESAge GroupingsNationalitiesHousehold typeHousehold sizeFamily structureOccupationHousing typeEducation levelAges of childrenGenderHousehold incomeDominate languageMarital statusHousing tenureBoomers make 32 of the Canadian populationBoomers have much greater influence then the USUS boomers were 28 of American populationWhat US considers baby boom is different from CanadaIn Canada boomers started in 19461965 in the US it started in 1947 This is because Canadians stayed out longer than the Americans In the 1970s you had to be 21 to drink alcohol but the boomers changed the liquer license law to the age of 18Children of the boomers eco booms
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