HTT 202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Critical Role

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10 Feb 2016
Tourists Motivations
The Importance of Tourist Motivation
Regardless of the kind of vacation experience, the provider (supplier)
Background to Travel Motivation
There are three main sources of ideas to assist in answering questions about travel
Why Understand Tourist Motivations
Knowledge of people’s travel motivations and its association with destination selection
plays a critical role in predicting future travel patterns
What is Tourist Motivation
According to Seaton motivation is a state of arousal of a drive or need which impels
people to activity in pursuit of goals
Once the goals have been achieved the need subsides and the individual returns to the
equilibrium, but only briefly only to fulfil the need
Krippendorf suggests that the motivation of the individual person to travel, to look
outside for what he cannot find outside for what he cannot find inside have been largely
created by society and shaped by everyday life
People who live in cities, for example, are motivated to travel as tourists to wilderness
areas because they need to escape from an artificial, monotonous environment
Why do Tourists Travel?
“Why do tourists travel?” is not a good question
It is much too general. A specific question such as “Why do travel clubs often select Las
Vegas as a destination?” reveals more insight
What Provides Information on What Types of Tourists Travel
Motivators: Business or Pleasure
Demographics-statistical information about a person, which includes such factors as
age, sex, occupation, education, marital status, etc.
Gray’s Travel Motivation Theory
Two motives about why people go to natural settings
The first motive is the desire to go from a known to an unknown place, called in Gray’s
theory ‘wanderlust’.
Travel Motivations
Pleasure Guest: Some of the motives which determine travel choices are recreation,
pleasure, new experiences, cultural interest, shopping
The Business Guest: Meetings and Conventions, consulting, sales, operations,
management, physical functions
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