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HTT 303
Sonya Graci

HTTLecture Notes Week 1Travel Product DistributionTravel Patterns16102011 23000 PMLearn to earn o Reality vs expectationsThe way to make money is to make money for someone elseLife is not dress rehearsalo Dont hold back give it your all the first timeDistribution channelsStructures of various combinations of travel organizations through which an originating producersupplier of travel productsservices to buyers and through which buyers interact with suppliersPRODUCTION SUPPLIERS TRAVEL TRADE INTERMEDIARY NETWORKEND COMSUMERSTRAVELLERS Suppliers own or operate things that we are trying to sell Restaurant hotels malls theme parks attractionsIntermediary people and companies that sell or resell travel products or services that they have bought or otherwise obtained from the supplies further back in the channel TravelocityWorld travel and Tourism PatternsDomestic TourismA trip inside your down country7580 of all tourism is domesticWhy is domestic tourism larger than international tourismo Cheaper o Takes less time o More accessible because its less distance o Money Exchange rateInternational TourismWorlds most popular leisure travel destinationFranceUSASpaino Most of the top 15 destinations are located in EuropeWhy does Europe have the highest o Easy to travel because of the European Union o Short distance between country o A lot of family tiesWorlds Top Leisure Travel Earners USA 179France 79Italy 71Spain 44 o 98 spent on leisure travel is spent in these countries Worlds top pleasure tourism and spendersUSA 141Germany 137Japan 101UK 60South and East AsiaChina Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore Thailand Indonesia Korea Macau and TaiwanThe incomes have risen to produce the fastest trading market in the worldChina use to only allow people to travel only for business or if they were government workers but that has changed Canada has recently been given ADS status o ADSApproved destination statusChina by the year 2020 will be the number one outbound market o The place where people will spend the most and stay the longestThe Chinese are the nouveaux riches of tourism They have lots of pent up travel enthusiasm and their rowing middle class will have lots of vacation money to spend in destinations that have been until now offlimitsMacauGambling capital o Most casinos pay off their self in first 6 months of operationsEuropeWestern Europe suddenly went from 27 to 40 countriesSuddenly 430 million mostly well education citizens of Eastern Europe and the Old Soviet Union free to travel after having been locked up for more than 50 years European needs a single budget o If and how to force individual euro governments to enact deep spending cuts before getting bailouts from the European Union The AmericaSouth AmericaThe Middle EastTerrorism and oilArab springBut Arab world collapsePlaces like Could face1 Security Vacuum 2 Revenge3 Bloodshed 4 AlQaedaThere is no question that radicals will attempt to take advantage as turmoil on the streets of Arab world could give radicalism popularity5 Corruption stopped 6 How to be distributed 7 A more mixed economy 8 War damaged infrastructures AfricaTerrific resortslow tourism trafficTerrible famine disease security povertyGovernment stability
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