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HTT 303
Michael Hunter

Frequent Flyer Points Programs How They Work Why Invented – want repeat business(customer loyalty program) FirstARS created by Sabre(11th thing they do is points) Positive Features – good for customer as? Yes because it's free – Good for airlines? Actually giving away producst and services for free? Giving away free seats(that you may be filling up abundance seats anything – variable costs(fills empty seats, ) – What do they give away? What they already have anyways – instantly perishable – What do customers have to do join ffp? – Customer doing marketing research(ex customer calls in to check poitns let them know flights the company may have forgotten to give points) – success rate : most successful airline loyalty program ever – other products and services in travel industry(went global) – you pay for points but not more – redeem for : car rental, hotels, flight lessons, yacht charter – marketers are coming up with new ideas for what can be redeemed for – US points can redeem for flying dead bodies in coffins and sales went up 30% Too p
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