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Lecture 10

HTT 607 Lecture 10: HTT607_Week10

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Ryerson University
HTT 607
Judy Healy

HTT607 Week 10 Step 5: Coordination Protocol refers to customs and rules of politeness and courtesy between individuals and in society. The observance of official formality, etiquette and correct conduct. A system of procedures and symbols, which express a countries identity. Federal The Office of Protocol of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade is responsible for Canadas international protocol: Official visits from other countries Canadas official visits to those countries Provinces and Territories all provinces and territories of Canada have their own protocol offices to handle protocolrelated matters within their jurisdiction and to cooperate with their federal counterparts in joint activities. Where to Look for Protocol: City Hall Protocol Division Canadian Heritage Internet Site Books and Libraries Industry Associations Protocol Items: Symbols flags and anthems o Flag Protocol: Canadian Flag in Middle Second flag in descending importance to the left of audience Third to the Right of Audience o Provincial Flags in order they joined confederation Forms of Address greetings and introductions Seating Plan Management Tools: ProductionCue Schedule written by event planner o Itemize the sequence of activities that must be completed throughout the daynight to execute an event o Covers move in and out and everything in between o It is important to be very detailed and not leave out any required action regardless of how small it is o A cue sheet is sued to coordinate entertainment and AV Banquet Event Order (BEO) created by caterer o Indicates the service, offering and timing for the food and beverage arrangements for the event. Budget Maintenance
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