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Strategic Marketing Planning - Full Lecture Notes.docx
Strategic Marketing Planning - Full Lecture Notes.docx

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Ryerson University
HTM 402
Richard Wade

Strategic Marketing PlanningWeek 115012014 Wednesday Kotler P Shoemaker S 2014 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing custom textbook10 Presentation 20 quality of writing and report organization 50 quality and depth of content 20 objectivity and degree of support documentation transparencyPreliminaryGroup formation select a business letter of introductionFirst Submissionmust have Project information sheet on BBBackground of companyFinal Submission2 copies of the market study are requiredone with marked analysis and one with fixed up analysisIndividual Peer evaluation forms student contribution to market study form group contract must all be attached to the project 5055 pages double spaced shouldnt exceed 60 Appendix up to 15 pagesIntroduction letters of intro and acceptance dont use the max amount of pages every timeIntroduction 12Letters of IntroductionAcceptance 23Background of Company 12due week 4week 8Summary of findings 12due week 8Environmental Analysis 810Max 10 pagesdue week 4Site and Location Analysis 35due week 8Community Analysis 58due week 8Primary Competitor Analysis 58 Services Analysis 35Market Potential Analysis 23is the marketplace supportive of the new or expanded business with respect to its future growth and success Does the business have the potential to outperform the competition SWOT Analysis 23 Week 222012014 Wednesday4 Sub Topicstopic approx 3040 references citation followed by explanation type thingsequential data about 5 yearsforecast few years certainly on economicEconomic Trends CanadaOntarioGDP Consumer Confidence Unemployment Job creation housing startsjob creation helps with consumer confidence housing starts construction fixtures equipment that boost the economy Interest rates stock market government debt real disposable income personal debtInflation corporate profits current Acct balance Canadian dollar industry growth Possible reference TD Economics conference board of Canadaif only estimates we need to back the data up more Demographics Trends CanadaOntario age groupings nationality household type household size family structure occupation housing level education level ages of children gender household income dominant language marital status housing tenure mobility status household maintainers sports affected by age groups boomers moved on from mini vans to SUVs to crossovers due to gas premium casualAge Cohortsdont necessarily need to know dates but baby boom is important as fukPreWorld 1 Born 1914earlier
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