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Lecture 2

HTT 150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Airbnb, Visual Flight RulesPremium

Hospitality and Tourism Management
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HTT 150
Tom Griffin

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HTT 150 Lecture 2- What is Tourism
What does ‘tourism’ mean?
It is hard to define what tourism is
You can be a tourist in your own city!
There are a lot of forms of tourists
Mainly, it's a person travelling to a destination for activities
What different types of tourists are there?
Students to go learn/study
Family to see friends and family
Backpackers to see the rural areas and villages
Research projects to learn more about an area
Business overseas work
Statistically, VFR takes majority
o VFR - Visiting friends and relatives
International travelers coming in from other countries
Domestic people traveling in their own country/city
o Buffalo to Niagara is considered international but it’s only 20 km apart!
Inbound - travelers coming into a destination
Outbound travelers leaving a destination to elsewhere
(Ex. For Canada, inbound and international describes the same thing. For Ontario, you can be an
outbound and domestic traveler if you are Ontarian and visiting Quebec)
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