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Lecture 10

HTT 150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Triple Bottom Line, Sustainable Tourism, World Tourism OrganizationPremium

Hospitality and Tourism Management
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HTT 150
Tom Griffin

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HTT 150 Lecture #10 Seasonality, Sustainability, Economical and Environmental Impacts
Seasonality How does it affect tourism? Temporal imbalance in the phenomenon of tourism
Diversification of product Try to bring people inbound in low season
o (ex. Doing different activities in winter and summer)
Extending season Bring in new products to keep tourists
New product Launching a new attraction
Different pricing Lower the costs to during down times to attract tourists
o (ex. Toronto Winterlicious)
Different markets Aim for new target markets
o (ex. Reading week/ winter break for students)
Sustainability Keeping something going and going and going Maintaining without affecting
the future
Sustainability development was popular in the 1970s - Process of meeting needs of present
without compromising future generations
Sustainability is a process, a philosophy, NOT and accomplishment
Tourism always affect the environment not matter what form of activity
o (ex. Walking on the beach takes away sand from their sandals or towels. Places
like Spain must ship in sand.)
Triple Bottom Line Care about money, development, but must also consider and look
after other factors of the tourism destination/communities in general
Bottom Line Money! People want profit!
Look after people, their health care, education if not people will be upset and not visit
other businesses
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