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Lecture 4

HTT 150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Conceptual Framework, Visual Flight RulesPremium

Hospitality and Tourism Management
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HTT 150
Tom Griffin

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HTT 150 Lecture 4 Review and Definition of Tourism
In a couple of hundred years, the time of travel is cut down by lot. From 10 weeks, to 7
hours with the help of boats and planes
1/11 people are employed in the tourism industry
GDP in Canada is 2% for tourism, so 1 in 50 dollars is related to tourism
o It’s more important than fisheries, forestry and agriculture combined
98% of tourism business are SMEs, making it difficult to prove its value
o SME = Small to medium size enterprise = 100 employees or less
o Many businesses don't know how much they rely on tourism
Consider who and what when talking about tourism
o What type are they talking about and what they are excluding
(ex. Politicians may exclude refugees)
Consistent definition updates allow for comparability for trends
o Can help tourism identify as an industry and not just for fun
Definitions of/in Tourism
“Tour” is derived from Latin and Greek meaning a lathe or circle - tourism is a round
trip, not one way journey
o Adding “-ism” suggests the action of movement around a circle which means it
can include all activity involved in temporary movement of people
Technical Definition - Countable measures of tourism
o Define and measure tourism to relevant needs
(ex. festivals have interest in groups and will use a technical definition)
o How long do you have to stay, how much distance travelled
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