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Chapter 3- Perceiving Ourselves and Others in Organizations Self-Concept: How people perceive themselves. Refers to an individual’s self-beliefs and self- evaluations. Comparing images of a job with our current (perceived self) and desired (ideal self) images of ourselves. Self-Concept Complexity, Consistency, and Clarity - Self-concept have various degrees of complexity(the number of distinct and important roles or identities that people perceive about themselves) - Everyone has some degree of complexity b/c they see themselves in different roles (student, friend, boyfriend) - Example, how many distinct and important roles or identities does a person think about to define himself? - Consistency: How compatible are the person’s self-concept identities with each other and with the person’s personality, values, or other attributes? - Clarity: the degree to which you have a clear, confidently defined, and stable self-concept - Clarity is when we are confident about who we are and can describe our identity to others - Self-concept. Complexity, and clarity influence a person’s well-being, behaviour, and performance - Complexity is important b/c it protects our self-evaluation when some roles are threatened or damaged - A persons well-being increases when their multiple selves are in harmony together (consistency) - With increased self-concept clarity you can have more confidence in yourself, less influenced by others, experience less stress when making decisions 4 processes that shape self-concept and influence a person’s decisions and behaviour: Self- Enhancement, self-verification, self-evaluation, and social self (social identity) Self Enhancement - A person’s inherent motivation to have a positive self-concept (and to have others perceive him/her favourably), such as being competent, attractive, l
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