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Human Resources
MHR 405
George Baranyai

October 4 , 2010 MHR 405 Ch 3 Perception and Personality Debriefing - At the individual level self-efficacy, over- or under-confidence, and their relationships with motivation and actual performance - At the aggregate level over- or under-confidence as a phenomenon in social and organizational reality Social Perception the process of interpreting information about another person - Virtually all management activities rely on perception Characteristics of the Perceiver - Familiarity, attitude, mood, cognitive structures and self-concept all influence how we perceive others - Mood can have a strong influence on the way we perceive someone - Cognitive Structure an individuals pattern of thinking also affects social perception Characteristics of the Target - Physical features, and verbal and nonverbal communication can influence perception - Perceivers tend to notice physical appearance characteristics that contrast with the norm that are ne or unusual - Verbal Communication- we listen to the topics they speak about, their tone of voice and their accent and make judgements based on this input - Nonverbal Com
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