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Lecture 11

MHR 405 Lecture 11: Ch 10

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 405
Oxana Svergun

Ch 10- Power & Influence LO1. Describe the dependence model of power; the 5 sources of power. Line from Person B to the goal shows that they believe person A controls a resource that can help or hinder person B in achieving such goal. Dotted line Person B to Person A is countervailing power- the power the less powerful party (Person B) has on the person in power (Person A) The five sources of power are: 1. Legitimate - “Real” power. 2. Reward - Rewarding people for letting you take control 3. Referent - Comes with the job - Charisma 4.Coercive - Punishment 5. Expert - using facts, logic coping with uncertainty: 1. Prevention 2. Forecasting 3. Absorbing LO2. Discuss the 4 contingencies of power. 1. Substitutability - Power decreases as number of solutions increase. 2. Visibility - Be visible, Speak
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