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Organizational Behavior - MHR 405 Chapter 11 Amir Ali Golbazi Conflict Management The Nature of Conflict in Organizations Conflict is the perception, in and interdependent relationship of incompatible wishes, goals, attitude, emotions or behaviors. Most conflict in the workplace is Interpersonal Conflict, which is a dynamic process that occurs between two interdependent parties as they experience negative emotional reactions to perceived disagreements and interference with the attainment of their goals. CONFLICT & EMOTION There are numerous factors to emotional experience. One of which is the Behavioral Component of Emotion which includes the verbal and non-verbal messages we express when we communicate. There also lies the factor os Physiological Components of Emotion which is the bodily experience of emotion, or otherwise how emotion makes us feel and what makes emotional experiences so compelling. Finally the Cognitive Component of Emotion outlines the way our mind appraises or interprets emotion based on our experiences. TASK RELATIONSHIP & PROCESS CONFLICT Relationship (AFFECTIVE) Conflict is the Interpersonal incompatibilities, typically including feelings of tension and friction. Task (COGNITIVE) Conflict is the Differences in viewpoints and opinions pertaining to group task. This is evident where there are disagreements over different ideas, opinions, and the content of decisions. Finally Process Conflict is Controversy about aspects of how task accomplishment will proceed. ORGANIZATIONAL MANIFESTATIONS OF CONFLICT There are many forms of conflict in organizations. Here are the ones outlined. Inter-organizational is conflict that occurs between two or more organizations. Some example of this is competition, takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alliances often heighten inter-organizational conflict Intergroup conflict is when conflict occurs between groups or departments in organizations. Intragroup (team) conflict occurs within a single group or department. Interpersonal conflict occurs between tow or more people. Is Organizational Conflict Healthy or Unhealthy? There are two types of conflicts which can occur within an organization. Here they are. Functional Dysfunctional Conflict Conflict Conflict that is a An unhealthy productive force, one destructive, that can stimulate disagreement members of the between two or more organization to people. Its danger is increase their that it takes the focus knowledge and skills, as well as their away from the work to contributions to be done and places il Bullying is a repeated non-physically, health impairing organizational the focus on the psychological mistreatment that falls outside discriminatory harassment. innovation and conflict itself and the productivity. parties involved. Sources of Conflict in Organizations The first source is known as Structural which are those that stem from aspects of the organization in the which the conflict is occurring. The second source is Personal which are conflict arising from differences amongst individuals, in terms of personalities, perceptions, values, and conflict handling behaviors. ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR MHR 405 CHAPTER 11 AMIR ALI GOLBAZI 1 STRUCTURAL SOURCES OF CONFLICT - Specialization & Goal Differences - Interdependence or Shared Resources - Status & Power Differences - Jurisdictional & Role Ambiguity PERSONAL SOURCES OF CONFLICT - Personality Differences - Perceptions, Values, Ethics, & Emotions - Ineffective Communication Preventing & Managing Conflict A Conflict Management Strategy is any action taken by a disputant or a third party to try to manage or resolve a c
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