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Human Resources
MHR 522
Tim Bartkiw

MHR522 Tuesday, January 21, 2014 Industrial Relations Theory Perspectives/Paradigms What is a theory? • Concept that gives a different view based on different perspectives • Ideas that explain something • “Attempts to explain something that is not obvious. Something that needs explanation”. o If something is absolutely accepted as a fact, it is no longer a theory What is a perspective/paradigm? • Paradigm o Amindset, a way of being/acting/thinking, a school of thought, values/beliefs o An accumulation of ideas that guides the way we see/view/think about something Godard Reading • Perspectives from people working in industrial relations • There are five perspectives: o Neoliberal (The Neoclassical Economic perspective) [RIGHT WING]  Aphilosophy and a state of a society o Managerialist MHR522 Tuesday, January 21, 2014 o Orthodox/Pluralist (Institutionalist perspective)  Based on people writing in an institutionalist perspective o Liberal/Reformist o Radical [LEFT WING] Neoliberal (neoclassical economic) Attitudes • Free market o Any commodity that is bought and sold can be modelled in this framework o For our purposes, we are modelling labour • Government has a limited role (just police and army to ensure safety, no regulations) • Negative view of labour unions Market for ‘labour’ • Price = Wage • Equilibrium = The wage rate and the quantity demanded is e
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