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MHR 522
Tim Bartkiw

MHR522 Tuesday, January 28, 2014 • Collective Bargaining is not “allowed” in our society • Laws allow certain bargaining. However, not with other competitors in the market • Inherent downward pressure (on wages): “Race to the bottom” Radical Perspective: • Marx Idea: There are human beings and the rest is nature o Our productive interaction on nature is labour (everything we do, in a sense, is labour) o Use value o Everything has an ‘exchange value’; people make things to exchange it for something o Everything has an inherent value: a socially necessary labour time  Commodity: thing produced for exchange (i.e. sale on a market)  Not produced by you for your own benefit (Ex. Making dinner for your family is private labour)  We are talking about social labour (not private) o Capitalism: social system where most production are commodities for exchange  People do not produce for their own benefits, but for sales  The value of any commodity is the labour in the commodity (socially necessary labour time) • Ex. The value of this coffee = nature + human labour o Buying and selling = the buying and selling of labour (consumption of the labour of others) o Most labour feeds into a system of social production for exchange • Capitalist Mode of Production o Get more value for what they put into motion o Assumption that commodities exchange at their value  Ex. $2 coffee vs. $4 marker  The marker had twice as much labour that went into it compare to the coffee o Called ‘socially necessary’becau
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