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Human Resources Management Ch 6

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Margaret Yap

Chapter 6 ± Recruitment Recruitment ± process of searching out & attracting qualified job applicants, which begins with the identification of a position that requires staffing & is completed when resumes &/ completed application forms are received from adequate number of applicants 1. Identify job openings ± HR planning/strategic plan & employment resignations/terminations 2. Specific job requirements ± from job description/specification 3. Select methods of recruitment ± internal/external 4. Generate pool of qualified applicants ± employment equity/diversity goals Constraints: promote from within policies, compensation policies, employment equity plans, inducements of competitors, skill shortages Recruit from Within Advantages ± enhance commitment, morale, performance, less likely to leave, long-term perspective, more accurate assessment, less orientation Recruiter ± specialist in recruitment, whose job it is to find & attract capable candidates Employer branding - image/impression of organization as employer based on benefits of being employed by organization - What candidates experience when go to company website - Whether HR sends acknowledgement letter/email tanking each candidate who sends in resume - How candidates greeted by receptionist when make initial contact by phone/in person - Whether HR person interviewing candidates is good spokesperson who can articulate 47J,3L],9L43¶8;,O:08 .:O9:70 1. Define target audience, where to find, what they want from employer 2. Develop employee value proposition, specific reasons why organization is unique place to work & more attractive than other organizations 3. Communicate brand by incorporating value proposition into all recruitment efforts Internal Recruit Job posting ± process of notifying current employees about vacant positions Advantages ± equal opportunity, reduce favouritism, commitment to career growth & development, communicates policies on transfer/promotion Disadvantage ± reduce morale & motivation, tension be
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