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Human Resources Management Ch 9

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Margaret Yap

Chapter 9 Career Development Career planning & development person becomes aware of personal career-related attributes & lifelong series of activities that contribute to their career fulfillment; individual must accept responsibility, requires self-motivation, independent learning, effective time & money management Career series of work-related positions Career Development lifelong series of activities Career planning process, become aware, identify goals, action plans to attain goals Roles in Career Development: individual, networking, manager, employer Career cycle 89,J089K74:JKZKL.K5078438.,70070;4O;08 Growth stage birth to age 14 during which person develops self-concept by identifying with & interacting with others (family, friends, teachers) Exploration stage age 15-24, person seriously explores various occupational alternatives, attempting to match these alternatives with their interests & abilities Establishment stage age 24-44, heart of most peopO08Z47NOL;08 Maintenance stage age 45-65, person secures their place in work world Decline stage many people face with prospect of having to accept reduced levels of power & responsibility; retirement Occupational orientation by John Holland, 6 basic personal orientations that determine sorts of careers to which people are drawn 1. realistic physical activities requiring skill, strength, coordination 2. investigative c
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