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Human Resources Management Ch 10

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Margaret Yap

Chapter 10 Performance Management Performance management encompassing all activities related to improving employee performance, productivity & effectiveness 1. Define performance expectations & goals measurable 2. Providing ongoing feedback & coaching 2 way communication, ongoing 3. Conducting performance appraisal & evaluation discussions - formats 4. Determining performance rewardsconsequences how employee meets standards 5. Conducting development & career opportunities discussions strengthen, improvements Graphic rating scale lists number of traits & range of performance for each; employee rated by identifying score that best describes their level of performance for each trait, unclear standards Alternation ranking method rank employees from best to worst on particular trait Paired compassion method rank employees by making chart of all possible pairs of employees for each trait & indicate the better employee of the pair Forced distribution method predetermined percentages of ratees placed in various performance categories; bell curves - Disadvantages: productivity affected, low moraleconfidence, always have a lower % Critical incident method keep record of uncommonly goodundesirable exampO0841025O4008Z47N- related behaviour & reviewing list with employee at predetermined tim
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