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chap 15

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Kristyn Scott

Chapter 15: Fair Treatment: Foundation of Effective Employee Relations LOs; Define employee engagement discuss drivers and outcomes of employee engagement Various techniques of ensuring effective employee communication in organizations Important considerations for ensuring fairness in downsizing and mergers 3 foundations of a fair & just disciplinary process Wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal 6 steps in the termination interview Strategic Importance of Effective Employee Relations - For competitive advantage, employees must be motivated & engaged in pursuing organizational goals - Ensure that employees are treated fairly, ethically, & legally - Distributive Justice: fairness & justice of the outcome of a decision - Procedural Justice: fairness of the process - Interactional Justice: Refers to manner which managers conduct their personal dealing with employees & to the degree to which they treat employees with dignity & respect Employee Engagement - Positive, fulfilling work-related state of mind characterized by vigour, dedication, & absorption Drivers of Engagement - Organizational factors such as senior leadership, opportunities for learning & development & company image & reputation are the primary influencers of engagement - 21% of employees around the world are highly engaged at work - 38% are highly disengaged, creating an engagement gap - Overall top drivers of engagement were: 1. Senior management sincerely interested in employee well-being 2. Improved my skills & capabilities over the last year 3. Organizations reputation for social responsibility Top Drivers of Attraction, Retention, & Engagement in Canada Top Attraction Drivers Top Retention Drivers Top Engagement Drivers Competitive base pay Have excellent career advancement Senior management sincerely interested in opportunities employee well-being Vacationpaid time off Satisfaction with the organizations peoplOrganizations reputation for social decisions responsibility Competitive health care benefits Ability to balance my workpersonal life Input into decision making in my department Challenging work Fairly compensated compared to others Improved my skills & capabilities over the doing similar work in my organization last year Career advancement opportunities Understand potential career track within Understand potential career track within organization organization Outcomes of Engagement - Over a 5-year period, when employee engagement levels increased, there was a corresponding increase in financial performance indicators that followed - Employee engagement fosters & drives discretionary behaviour, eliciting the employees highest productivity, their best ideas, & their genuine commitment to the success of the organization - Contributes significantly to an organizations performance, leading to improvements in service quality, customer satisfaction, & long-term financial results Effective Employee Communication - One of the important drivers of employee engagement is good communication - Also important to maximize face-to-face opportunities when delivering information from members of the senior management team
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