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Human Resources
MHR 523
Tsogbadral Galaabaatar

Tam, 1 Individual Assignment Case Study #1 Angela Tam 500522877 February 12, 2013 According to the case study regarding the Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd. Company, a female employee named Rosetta was constantly feeling uncomfortable due to the harassment of her male employees. This case study is, indeed, a case of sexual harassment and not just a situation of only fun and jokes. In the workforce, sexual harassment is known as illegal employment discrimination, where actions as simple as simple teasing are not tolerated, even if it was meant to be a joke. However, in this case, Rosetta’s male employees constantly joked about her ethnicity and referenced sexual insults about her personal life, which made her feel upset and helpless, causing her to resign from her job. Therefore, as long as the negative actions that are being made are affecting the employee’s work and personal lifestyle, causing them to feel uncomfortable, then sexual harassment has been done. s As Rosetta’s friend, and having to see someone being hurt constantly, it is only right to put the truth out there and do what is right. If I were Eva, I would help Rosetta talk to her co-workers at her department about the situation and see if they are aware of the situation and how it made her feel. Since Al feels that it shouldn’t be made into a huge situation, someone will have to get the word out somehow. The probability of success of this working out will be a fifty-fifty chance because Rosetta’s co-workers could either not care about what they’ve done and not want to tell Al to risk being fired, or they may give Rosetta sympathy and tell Al the truth about what has been going on Tam, 2 and give Rosetta back her job, as well as making her feel welcomed when she’s back. Another way I could contribute in helping Rosett
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