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Name: Aaina Jaiswal Student#: 500508476 1. I believe there is a case of sexual harassment because Rosetta was the only one who was ill treated by the guys in that company. Harassment is anything that upsets someone else and especially when it is done intentionally. The guys were constantly making fun of her and her background, also Rosetta was sometimes asked to participate in cracking up those dirty jokes that she didn't really like. Therefore, this case definitely involved some sexual harassment because there is a situation if there would have been a denial or refusal of her not agreeing of what those guys were saying, then she could have been danger some day or the other. 2. If I was Eva, here is what I would or could do:  Tell the supervisor- the supervision can definitely help the victim because he has the most right to fire or keep someone in that job so if those guys were not treating one of his
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