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Ryerson University
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Pat Sniderman

Group Process Report In developing team’s effectiveness, it was necessary to understand what factors could affect its performance. As a team we were aware of how to manage and interact with one another while working together. I believe our team was effective in a way because each one us had this responsibility for accomplishing a common goal. We were able to have a clear understanding of our goals, and communicate to all our members. We were able to assign different roles in our last assignment, we know this will be a very important element of our assignment because as it is stated in the team project handbook, “roles need be identified for both team meetings and for responsibilities that need to be carried out between meetings,” (“Reading: Team Building Tools for Students”, 2013). Also, we had a clear understanding of what kind of behaviour will be acceptable or unacceptable within the group and everyone was expected to follow those guidelines. Lastly our team was effective because we could differentiate between our short and long term goals and decide which goals must have a greater priority and should be accomplished first. Generally, teams are formed to accomplish a project or goal but regardless of the reasons teams are formed, they go through four stages of team development and they are the following:  Forming  Storming  Norming  Performing According to team project handbook, in a team’s forming stage, “it is useful for a team to establish explicit team values and rules, together with a method of monitoring the team’s adherence to those rules,” (“Reading: Team Building Tools for Students”, 2013). Following this criteria, our team decided to know and be familiar with the assignment’s overall mission, the main phases of the mission where the most amount of time spent is required, a rough assignment schedule which may include the deadlines that needs to be met or the scheduling of the group meetings, each member's responsibilities towards the assigned task, and lastly a basic set of team rules. While setting up the team’s rules we came up with some acceptable and unacceptable behaviors which were expected to always be followed throughout the completion of this assignment. One of the acceptable behavior that we came up with was to actively listening to have two-way communication at all times of the meetings and one of the unacceptable behavior that we decided was Constructive criticism is perfectly acceptable but criticizing to a level where it discourages others from performing is not. In order to move on the next stage of team development, we had to make sure we had the basic understanding of how to work together as a group without criticizing or discriminating against anyone. In the next stage of team development we were required to possess the skills to resolve the conflicts and proceed towards the bigger goal of completing this assignment. This stage is known as storming and according to the handbook, “ groups attempts to organize for the task, and conflicts emerge; group attempts to decide who is to be responsible for what, what evaluation and reward criteria will be,” (“Reading: Team Building Tools for Students”, 2013). According to the definition provided by the handbook, we figured our reward from this assignment would be the skills required for a team to be effective. Our reward wo
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