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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Team contract for business elite Vision statement To develop a strong commitment towards in enhancing teamwork skills that will be useful in profession business environment. Threw this we hope to implement our organizational culture to have greater performance. Team goal and plans for project completion Short term objectives In developing short-term objectives we at business elite plan on cultivating a culture;  Meeting project deadlines  Establishing coherent strategies to build on to effective relationships  accepting and supporting one another  establish communication standards to abide by  be aware of everyone’s ideas  don’t discourage anyone from sharing their ideas  effectively resolve problems creatively and timely Long-term objectives In developing long-term objectives we at business elite plan on cultivating a culture;  to develop team work skills and abilities to apply in workforce environment  achieving a smooth process in meeting individual responsibilities  commitment to team goals and objectives  culture for sharing ideas and knowledge  inspiring others  having appreciation for trust and friendship Timeline In developing a sustainable timeline we at business elite plan on achieving the following objectives;  be aware of the team’s availability and scheduling  breaking down an assignment into smaller components  allocating the components of a project to individual group members  be wise with the time given in class  complete projects gradually over time given outside the class (ex. meet with the group half-an-hour a day) Milestones Tangible Intangible  creating rough drafts prior to the  Thinking of ideas before allocating date tasks  allocating tasks to individuals  Meeting with group members prior to  comple
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