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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Al- Karim Samnani

March 14, 2013 Performance Management and Training and Development Performance Management  Performance objectives o Broader strategic objectives (e.g., high sales, customer satisfaction, low costs, etc.) o Strategic objectives: high sales focus o Customer satisfaction: happy customers o Low costs: compete on low costs  Performance goals o Specific desired targets (e.g., increase sales by 10%) o Aiming for 90% customer satisfaction on surveys to improve customer services  Performance measurement o Appropriate process in place to measure performance o Most jobs don’t have numbers assosicated with their jobs o We need to design measures to provide indicators of employee performance  Output measures o Appropriate measures to assess performance o Employees actual performance o We use output measures we’ve already decided on  Outcome measures o Compare output to performance goals o Comparison between performance goals and actual output  Performance Management: how do we manage performance? What can we do to manage performance?  Strategic Talent Management: how can we help employees perform to their full potential? Performance Appraisals  Employees tend to be dissatisfied with the appraisal process  Appraisals are often viewed as an administrative burden  Doesn’t always mean higher pay  Good Appraisal  Increase scores of those who have done well  Admin burden  Lots of paperwork  Pointless if people are not rewarded/ punished after performance reviews **************Uses of Performance Appraisal (name the HR function associated with it)  Performance improvement (performance management) o How can performance be improved next year  Compensation adjustments (compensation) o Depending on ranking after appraisal give associated % increase in pay o Good performance results in pay increase  Placement decisions (human resource planning) o Transfer, demotion, promotion o Indicated good performance by appraisal and give performance scores  Training & development needs (training and development) o Employee needs to work on areas for training based on employee weakness indicated on appraisal  Career planning & development (human resource planning) o It is hard for employee to initiate a conversation about wanting to become a manager in current place of employment. So when they are ready to be promoted, they often apply for jobs in other organizations.  Identify deficiencies in staffing process (selection) o Most employees are not performing well on certain criteria of job performance  Detect informational inaccuracies (job design) o Look for consistency  Diagnose job design errors (job design)  Avoid discrimination (none) o Probation period passes o You back of your decision to let go of an employee solely based on bad performance  Uncover external challenges (none) o Benefits packages o Reasons for poor performance Key Elements  Performance measures and criteria  Performance appraisal interview o Supervisor can talk to employee about performance  Employee feedback o You failed to meet expectations but here’s what you can do  Employee records and HR decisions  Human Performance Appraisal Systems  Job-related o System evaluates critical behaviours that constitute job success o Related to job only  Practical o Understood and relatively simple o Easy to understand  Performance standards o Relates to the desired results of each job (i.e., benchmarks) o Set quotas for sales  Performance measures o Reports on critical behaviours (i.e., actual ratings) o Report on actual results Rater Biases 1. Halo Effect  Using one information to generalize that person as a whole 2. Error of Central Tendency  Tend to stick around the middle 3. Leniency & Strictness Bias 4. Personal Prejudice 5. Recency Effect  Last 3 months leading up to performance review is what generalizes performance over the year Characteristics for Effectiveness 1. Validity  The more job related the performance appraisal is 2. Reliability  Consistency of rating 3. Input into system development  How can they get the most out of Performance Appraisal 4. Acceptable standards 5. Acceptable goals  Goals need to be realistic 6. Control of standards  Standards need to be fair (e.g. winter months ice cream sales wont be the same as the summer) 7. Frequency of feedback  We should tell employees when they mess up, not just during performance appraisals 8. Rater training 9. Ratee training 10. Input into interview process 11. Appraisal consequences  Compensation adjustments 12. Different sources(raters)  Different raters, more managers doing the Performance appraisals Past-Oriented Noncomparative  Rating scale o Oldest and most widely used method o Subjective i.e. based on the rater’s opinion o Responses may be given numerical values o E.g. seminar 6 assignment, rate 1-7  Critical Incident o Rater records performance statements o Describes very effective/ineffective behaviour o How did the employee overcome the incident  Behaviorally- Anchored o Performance-related categories o Cites specific behaviours  Test & Observations o Appraisal based upon a test o Test may be pen & pencil or demonstration o Comparative of employees against eachother  Ranking Method o Employees ranked from best to worst o Subject to halo and recency effects o Ranked high to low  Forced Distribution o Categories are designed o Employees assigned to categories “high performing” “low performing” o 20 – 70 – 10 rule o 20 (high performers) 70 (Middle performers) 10 (low performer) o Low performers must leave the organizations within the year, new people are brought in o Method to filter out the weak Future Oriented Methods  Self- Appra
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