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Human Resources
MHR 523
Al- Karim Samnani

April 7, 2013 Chapter 13: Ensuring Health and Safety in the Workplace Federal and Provincial Regulations • Each province and federal jurisdiction have detailed legislation addressing health and safety • 3 Fundamental Employee Rights – The right to know about workplace hazards – The right to participate in correcting process of hazards – The right to refuse dangerous work Health and Safety Committee • Key element of health and safety laws • Employee and employer representatives • Broad range of responsibilities – e.g. investigate & resolve complaints, monitor health & safety programs, etc. • Usually required in every workplace with 20 or more employees • Participation in this committee is completely voluntary • Employee representatives and employer representatives Implications for HRM • Consistent reinforcement & due diligence – Ensure consistent enforcement of all safety and health rules and all reasonable steps were taken to avoid a particular health and safety event • Health and Safety Audit – How most accidents have occurred • Safety Climate: Organizational – Commitment to safety – also includes workplace harassment – HRM practices – Safety systems • Look at reducing risks from occuring – No one is subject to any behaviours that compromise their health & safety • Downsizing and Safety – Organization not doing well, look to cut payroll costs, workers are laid off – Survivors: are required to pick up the
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