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Human Resources
MHR 523
Al- Karim Samnani

April 7, 2013 Chapter 14: Unions Union Defined • A union is an organization with the legal authority to represent workers, negotiate the terms and conditions of employment with the employer, and administer the collective agreement Collective Agreement • A labour contract that addresses a variety of issues such as wages and benefits, working conditions, etc. • Usually negotiated between the local union’s bargaining committee and the HR department • Places restrictions on management’s rights in managing the workplace • Restricts management’s ability to manage employees Why Do Employees Join Unions • Reasons for joining o Job dissatisfaction o Individual attitudes toward unions o Perceived union instrumentality  Get more pay and more benefits • Reasons for not joining o Belief that union membership may harm chances for promotion  Based on seniority o Viewed as having another “boss” o Extra costs for union dues/strikes  Unions have to pay employees if they decide to go on strike. They do not pay 100% of the salary though. o Negative opinions toward collective action  Garbage strike and York strike caused harm to others Trends in Union Membership • Union Growth and Decline – The number of women members has been increasing rapidly – Unions are organizing service employees – Part-time employees less likely to be unionized – Larger workplaces are more likely to be unionized – Service industry less likely to be unionized traditionally – Becoming more likely for service industry to be unionized • Global Trends – A number of countries have experienced a decline in union density – Unions not as common in America. Leaning towards eliminating unionization Impact of Union Representation • Strikes o Most collective agreements are settled without a strike or lockout • Wages and Benefits o Higher wages, particularly for part-time e
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