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Human Resources
MHR 523
Tsogbadral Galaabaatar

Seminar Assignment # 5 1. If I were the general manager, I would be extremely disappointed in Garfield's actions and would demand him to smarten up. I would set up a meeting to go over ground rules regarding the importance of health and safety. Since workplace injuries are a huge cost, I would remind Gar that the company cannot afford to lose money and that if he did not follow company policy he would be fired immediately. I would also go over the federal and provincial safety regulations to ensure Gar will fully understand the importance of keeping the employees healthy. As for the workers, I would tell them that they are also at fault. The employees should know that wearing a mask is a necessity and should be worn at all times if they want to live healthily. I would go through the same process I did with Gar and go over safety regulations so that the workers know that proper uniform should be worn at all times. Therefore, I would be very disappointed at Gar and would tell him th
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