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Human Resources
MHR 523
Bamidele Adekunle

1 Individual case, MHR523, W14: Mount Ridge Engineering Systems 1 Name: Thajeerthan Ganesalingam Student ID: 500581010 Professor Name: Rasha Nasara Seminar leader Name: Rana Khalil 1. Based on the facts presented, classify and explain the current roles of the plant superintendent Larry Braxton, and the vice president of human resources, Joyce Newcombes, in relation to the absenteeism and termination polices and incident, using the concepts of staff, line and functional authority. (6marks) Both Plant superintendent, and the Vice president of Human Resource play an extremely important role in running and controlling the company, Mount Ridge. In order to complete the jobs at the company both the plant superintendent, Larry Braxton and Vice president of Human resource, Joyce Newcombes must put together their individual tasks and responsibilities. The responsibilities of Larry Braxton is to make sure that the staff and employee are following the regular Human Resource policies and to report any problems and concerns to the plant operational and maintenance manager.After reading this article, I have come to a conclusion that Larry Braxton falls under the category of line authority which means he has power over subordinates. This gives Larry Braxton the power to make decision about the performance and production of people in the workforce. In relation to the absenteeism and termination policies 2 and incident, Larry Braxtons role in the work place is to following the procedure and rules from the policy guideline and to inform the employees in the workplace.According to the case of Bud Johnson, it wasn’t the right thing to not show up to work without a valid reason. The reason why Bud Johnson didn’t show up to work was because Larry Braxton refused to give Bud Jackson a pay raise promotion. I feel that Larry should have terminated him on the spot because the Human resource Policy states that any absence without a valid report will be terminated. Even though Bud Jackson signed the termination paper it was unethically wrong of Larry Braxton to give a false reason for Bud Johnson’s termination. Instead of Larry Braxton stating that the reason for Bud Jackson termination was that he was unsatisfied with his current pay and didn’t receive a pay raise promotion, Larry Braxton instead stated that Bud Johnson has found a new job and leaving his current job. Larry Braxtons job with to do the termination with all honest means, and also to carry out the information to the plan operation mangers with the truth, which possibly help the mangers in the long run. The role of the Vice President of Human resource, Joyce Newcombes is to set up the entire work force, create description for employee, create rules and regulation, and “develop all necessary Human Resource program, plans, and policies needed to staff the plant once
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