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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Chapter Eight Orientation and Training MHR Notes Employee orientation onboardingprovide new employees with basic background information about the employer and specific information that they need to perform their jobs satisfactorily Socializationthe ongoing prcess of instilling in all employees the prevailing attitudes standards values and patterns of behaviour that are expected by the organization Reality Shockthe state that results from the discrepancy between what the new employee expects from his or her new job and the realities of it Why Orientation Programs are Importantimproved job performanceimproved productivityreduced first day jitters and reality shock foundation for ongoing performance managementimproved retention levels and reduced recruitment costs Problems with Orientation Programstoo much information is often provided in such a short timelittle or no orientation is actually providedinformation can sometimes be too broad or too detailed Trainingthe process of teaching employees the basic skillscompetencies that they need to perform their jobs Five Step Training Process 1 Training Needs Analysis 2 Instructional Desig
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