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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Chapter Six Recruitment MHR Notes Employee brandingthe image or impression of an organization as an employer based on the perceived benefits of being employed by the organization Recruitmentthe process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants which begins with the identification of a position that requires staffing and is completed when resumes andor application forms are received from an adequate number of applicantsThe Recruitment Process 1 Identify job openings 2 Specify job requirements 3 Select methods of recruitment internal vs external 4 Generate pool of qualified candidates Internal Recruitment Methods Job Postings Human Resources Records Skills Inventories Job postingthe process of notifying current employees about vacant positions Human resource recordsoften consulted to ensure that qualified individuals are notified in person of vacant positions Skills inventoriesa reference tool ensures that qualified internal candidates are identified and considered for transfer or promotion when opportunity rises Yield ratiothe percentage of a
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