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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Chapter Seventeen Global HR Issues MHR Notes Expatriatesemployees who are citizens of the country where the parent company is based who are sent to work in another country Locals Host or Onsitecitizens of countries where they are working Third Country Nationalscitizens of a country other than the host or parent country Home Countryhomeoffice or homesite employees are those who work where the parent company is based Expatriate assignment failureearly return of an expatriate from a global assignment main cause familyissues Global Relocation HR Challenges 1 Candidate identification assessment and selectionemployee must have requires skills 2 Cost projectionsaverage cost of sending an employee and family on an overseas assignment increase 3 Assignment lettersthe assignees job requirements and remuneration vacation home leave will have to be documented and formally communicated in an assignment letter 4 Compensation benefits and tax programsgiven the vast difference in living expenses there are multiple options to compensate employees 5 Relocation assistanceassignee will probably have to be assisted with matters such as maintenance of home and automobiles shipment of household goods and so forth 6 Family supportcultural orientation e
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