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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Chapter 10 Performance Management MHR Notes Performance Management the process encompassing all activities related to improving employee performance productivity and effectivenessincludes goal setting pay for performance training and development career management and disciplinary action 5 Performance Management Steps 1 Defining performance expectations and goals 2 Providing ongoing feedback and coaching 3 Conducting performance appraisal and evaluation 4 Determining performance rewardsconsequences 5 Conducting development and career opportunities discussion Step One Defining performance expectations and goals Job descriptions are often insufficient to clarify what employees are expected to do and how their duties relate to strategic objectives To clarify expectations measurable standards related to strategic objectives should be developed There are several ways to measure performance The first method is a graphic rating scale where numbers are listed regarding attributes required by qualities eg John Doe gets a 3 in performance The second method is a forced distribution method where predetermined percentages of employees are placed in various performance categories Think of it as a bell curve where the top employees are on the right of the curve the average ones in the middle or the top of the curve and the below average ones on the left Another way to measure performance is using a behaviourally anchored rating scale BARS BARS can 1 generate critical incidents and develop dimensions meaning specify effective and ineffective performance then cluster the incidents into a smaller set of
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