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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Chapter Sixteen Labour Relations MHR Notes Canada labour laws have two general purposes 1 to provide a common set of rules for fair negotiations 2 To protect the public interest by preventing the impact of labour disputes from inconveniencing the public Labour unionan officially recognized association of the employees practicing a similar trade or employed in t he same company or industry who have joined together to present a united front and collective voice in dealing with management Labour management relationsongoing social interactions between labour unions and management Collective bargainingnegotiations between a union and an employer to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement Bargaining unitthe group of employees in a firm a plant or an industry that has been recognize by an employer or certified by a Labour Relations Board as appropriate for collective bargaining purposes Collective agreementa signed written agreement between an employer and the union containing provisions outlining the terms and conditions of their employment Impact of unionization on Human Resource Managementinstituting an open door policywhen managers welcome employees into their offices to discuss problems andor conerns and when employees feel comfo
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