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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Chapter 13 Employee Benefits and Services Employee Benefits: Indirect financial payments given to employees. They may include supplementary health and life insurance, vacation, pension, education plans, and discounts on company products GOVERNMENT SPONSORED BENEFITS Employment Insurance: a federal program that provides income benefits if a person is unable to work through no fault of his or her own Qualifying period: working a minimun number of hours during a minimum number of week Supplemental Unemployement Benefit (SUB) plan is an agreement between an employer and the employees for a plan that enables employees who are eligible for EI benefits to receieve additional benefits from SUB Canada/ Quebec Pension Plan: programs that provide 3 types of benefits: retirement income; survivor or death benefits payable to the employee's dependants regardless of age at time of death; and disibility benefits payable to employees with disabilities and their dependants. Benefits are payable only to those individuals who make contributions to the plans and or available to their family members Workers Compensation: provides income and medical benefits to victims of work related accidents or illnesses and their dependants, regardless of fault Controlling workers compensation costs Instituting effective safety and health programs and complying with government safety standards Instituting rehabilitation programs for injured or ill employees Vacation and holidays Normally for two weeks but also depends how long you have worked in firm 5 yrs= 2 weeks, 6 to 10 yrs=3 weeks, 11 to 15 yrs=4 weeks, 16 to 25 yrs=5 weeks, 25 yrs=6 weeks Leave of Absence Parental leave - 17 to 18 weeks Bereavement leave- time varies on relationship -unpaid Pay on Termination of Employment Pay in Lieu of Notice - asking the employee to cease working immediately and provide the employee with a lump sum equal to their pay for the notice period Severence pay may be eligible for it if the employers annual payroll is 2.5 million or more or if the emploer is closing down the business and 50 or more employees will be losing their job Pay for Mass Layoffs VOLUNTARY EMPLOYER SPONSORED BENEFITS Group Life Insurance- provided at lower rates for all employees, including new employees, regardless of health or physical condition Supplementary Health care/medical insurance Deductible: the annual amount of health/dental expenses that an employee must pay before insurance benefits will be paid Reducing Health benefit costs Increase the amount of health care costs paid by employees Publish a restricted list of drugs that will be paid for under the plan to encourage the use of generic rather than more expensive brand name drugs Health promotion Implement risk assesment Health care spending accounts Coinsurance: the percentage of expenses th
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