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Chapter 16 Labour Relations 5 Steps in Unionization: Desire for Collective Representation Union Organizing Union Recognition Collective Bargaining Contract Administration and the Grievance Process • Labour Union: an officially recognized association of employees practising a similar trade or employed in the same company or industry who have joined together to present a united front and cllective voice dealing with management • Labour- management relations: the ongoing interactions between labour unions and management in orgs • collective agreement: a formal agreement between an employer and the union representing a group of its employees regarding terms and conditions of employment • Collective bargaining: negotations between a union and an employer to arrive at a mutually acceptable collective agreement • Bargaining unit: the group of employees in a firm, a plant, or an industry that has been recognized by an employer or certified by a Labour Relations Board as appropriate for collective bargaining purposes • Canadian Labour laws have two general purposes o to provide a commom set of rules for fair negotiations o to protect the public interest by preventing the impact of labour disputes from inconveniencing the public The Collective Agreement • A signed, written agreement between an employer & the union containing provisions outlining the terms & conditions of their employment i.e. compensation rates, seniority, expiration date, grievance procedure etc. It also places restrictions on management rights • Labour relations’ strategy o Overall plan for dealing with unions, which sets the time for its union-management relationship o Union acceptance strategy – view the union as the legitimate representative of the firm’s employees  Such relationship lead to – innovative initiatives and win-win outcomes o Union avoidance strategy – when they believe that tit is preferable to operate in a non – unionized environment o Union suppression approach – when there is a desire to avoid a union at all costs The Labour Movement in Canada • Business Unionism: The primary goal of the labour unions active in Canada is to obtain economic benefits and improved treatment for their members • Unions attain; o Job Security o Improved economic conditions o Better working conditions Impact of Unionization on HRM-Building Effective Labour Management Relations (p.458) • instituting an open-door policy • extending the courtesy of prior consultation • demonstrating genuine concern for employee well-being • forming joint committees, holding joint training programs • meeting regularly • using third party assistance The Labour Relations Process Step 1 : Desire for Collective Representation • Job Dissatisfaction • Lack of job security • Unfair or biased admin of policies or practices • Perceived inequities in pay • Lack of opportunities for advancement • Low participation in decision-making • Belief in unions advancement Step 2: Union Organizing Campaign • Employees get in touch with an existing union • Initial organizing Meeting • Formation of an in-house organizing committee o Comprises a group of employees who are dedicated to the goal of unionization and who are willing to assist • Begin campaign to organize o Authorization card: a card signed by an employee that indicates his or her willingness to have the union act as his or her representative for purposes of collective bargaining • The outcome o Rejection by the majority of eligible employees o Must be certified by an LRB or receive official recognition from the employer  During a union organizing campaign, employers can: o Express their views and opinions regarding unions o State their position regarding the desirability of remaining non-union o Prohibit distribution of union literature on their property or co. time (But not outside) o Increase wages, make promotions as normal course of business but often frozen until decided o Assemble employees during work hours to state company’s position Step 3: Union Reorganizatio
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