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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Chapter 9: Career Development • Career Planning and development: the deliberate process through which a person becomes aware of personal career related attributes and the lifelong series of activities that contribute to his or her career fulfillment • Career: is a series of work related positions paid or unpaid, that help a person to grow in job skills, success and fulfillment Management Development • Attempt to improve current or future management performance by imparting knowledge, changing attitudes, or increasing skills • On-The Job Management Development • Off-The-Job Management Development On-the-Job Management-Development Techniques • Developmental Job Rotation: Involves moving a trainee from department to department to broaden his or her experience and to identify strong and weak points (i.e. Strategic HR p. 241) • Coaching/Understudy Approach: Like Apprenticeships, executive coaches and mentors his/her replacement • Action Learning: Trainees work full-time while analyzing/solving problems in other departments Off-the-Job Management-Development Techniques • Case study method: Trainee presented with organizational problem in writing • Management Games: Teams of managers compete using computer simulation of company • Outside seminars • University Programs: Executive development, courses and degree programs • Role playing: Trainees act the parts of people in a realistic management situation • Behaviour Modeling: Modeling-Role Playing-Social Reinforcement-Transfer of Training Back on Job Explain the strategic importance of career planning and development in the context of today’s talent shortage that the supply of necessary talent is available • Critical strategic insure that the supply of necessary talent is available • deliberate process through which one becomes aware of personal career-related attributes and the lifelong series of activities that contribute to his or her career fulfillment Explain the responsibilities of the organization in the career development process - provide a realistic job preview o Previews that describe both the attractions and the possible pitfalls - avoid reality shock o Perhaps no other stage in the person’s career is it more important for the employer to be career development –oriented that at the initial entry stage, when the person is recruited, hired and given a first assignment and a boss. This should be a period of reality testing during his or her initial hopes and goal first confronts the realities of organizational life and of the person’s talents and needs - provide challenging initial jobs o One of the most important things is to provide new employees with challenging first jobs - be demanding o The more the supervisor expects and the more confident and supportive he or she is the better new employees will perform - provide periodic job development rotation o The best way in which new employees can test themselves is to try out a variety of challenging jobs - conduct career-oriented job appraisals o Supervisors must understand that providing valid appraisals in the long run is more important than protecting the short term interests of their staff Roles in Career Development: The Individual, the Manager and the Organization The Individual’s Role: – Self-Awareness – Self-motivation – Independent learning – Effective time and money management – Self-promotion – Networking - is the foundation of active career management and is essential for accessing the most valuable career resource-people The Manager’s Role • Provide timely and objective performance feedback • Offer developmental assignments and support • Participate in career development discussions • Act as coach, appraiser, advisor, and referral agent The Employer’s Role • Realistic job previews • Challenging initial jobs • Training, development & career planning information, options and tools • Developmental job rotation • Career-oriented performance appraisals • Become a Learning Organization: An organization that creates, acquires, and transfers knowledge & modifies behaviour according to new knowledge and insights Factors That Affect Career Choices: 1) Career Stage • Growth (birth to age 14): Develops self-concept by interacting • Exploration (age 15 to 24): Explores alternatives, seeking a match • Establishment (age 24 to 44); Attempts to earn a permanent place in chosen field • Maintenance (age 45 to 65+): Securing place • Decline (retirement age): Slowing down 2) Occupational Orientation (VPT John Holland) • Realistic: these people are attracted to occupations that involve physical activities requiring skill, strength, and coordination • Investigative: attracted to careers that involve cognitive activities (thinking, organizing, and understanding) rather than affective activities (feeling, acting, or interpersonal and emotional tasks) • Social: attracted to careers that involve interpersonal activities rather than intellectual or physical • Conventional: Structured, rule-regulated activities • Enterprising: Verbal, influencing activities • Artistic: Self-expressive, creative activities 3) Career Anchors • A Career Anchor is a concern or value you will not give up if a choice must be made (Edgar Schein) • Technical/functional • Managerial competence • Creativity • Autonomy and independence • Security • Service/making a difference • Pure challenge • Lifestyle Chapter 10: Performance Management The Strategic Importance of Performance Management - Achieving strategic objectives requires employee productivity above all else • Performance Management is the process encompassing all activities related to improving employee performance, productivity, and effectiveness • It includes goal setting, pay for performance, training and development, career management, and disciplinary action 5 Performance Management Steps STEP 1: Defining performance expectations • Job description often i
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