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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Chapter 1415Health and Safety and Fair TreatmentStrategic Importance of Occupational Health and Safety OHSService provided to clients and customers is a function of how employees are treated and employee health safety and wellness management are important determinants of employee perceptions regarding fair treatment by the organizationInvestment in disability management and proactive wellness programs create measurable bottomline returnsIn 2007 there were 1055 deaths and 317 524 injuries resulting from accidents at workApril 28 each year a day of mourning is observed for Canadian workers killed or injured on the jobWorkplace accidents can be prevented Basic Facts About OHS LegislationOHS LegislationLaws intended to protect the health and safety of workers by minimizing workrelated accidents and illnesses general health and safety rulesrules for specific industries eg miningrules related to specific hazards eg asbestosthese regulations are very complex and covered in great detail but still have the same basic featuresResponsibilities of EmployersDue Diligenceemployers are responsible for taking every reasonable precaution to ensure the health and safety of their workers it is required by Ontario court that employers must enforce safe work procedures through the discipline process in order to establish a defense of due diligence if workers do not follow safety rules and are injured on the jobSpecific duties of the employer includeFiling government accident reportsMaintaining recordsEnsuring that safety rules are enforcedPosting safety notices and legislative informationEmployee ResponsibilitiesTo take reasonable care to protect their own health and safety and in most cases that of their coworkersTo wear protective clothing and equipment and report any contravention of the law or regulationsEmployee RightsThe right to know about workplace safety hazardsThe right to participate in the OHS process The right to refuse unsafe work if they have reasonable cause to believe that the work is dangerousoreasonable causea complaint about a workplace hazard has not been satisfactorily resolved or a safety problem places employees in immediate dangeroIf a there is no bad affects to health and safety of an individual they cannot refuse the jobRequired Joint Health and Safety Committees JHSCJHSC provides a nonadversarial atmosphere where management and labour can work together to ensure a safe and healthy workplaceCommittees required to consist of between 2 and 12 members at least half of whom must represent workersCommittees are required to inspect and evaluate hazards investigate accidents complaints promote measure to protect health and safety and educate employees Responsible for making regular inspections of the workplace in order to identify potential health and safety hazards evaluate the hazards and implement solutionsControl can be achieved through addressing safety issues before an accident or injury happens identifying ways in which a hazardous situation can be prevented from harming workers and establishing procedures to ensure that a potential hazard will not recur
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