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Lecture 7

MHR 700 Lecture 7: CHAPTER 13

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Human Resources
MHR 700

CHAPTER 13 Leadership: the process of influencing people to direct their efforts towards the achievement of some particular goal or goals Theory X manager: a manager who believes that people are basically lazy and that coercion and threats of punishment often are necessary to get them to work Theory Y manager: a manager who believes that under the right conditions people not only will work hard but will seek increased responsibility and challenge Theory Z manager: a manager who believes that workers seek opportunities to participate in management and are motivated by teamwork and responsibility sharing Leadership Behaviors and Styles Authoritarian leadership: the use of work-centered behavior designed to ensure task accomplishment Paternalistic leadership: the use of work-centered behavior coupled with a protective employee-centered concern Participative leadership: the use of both work or task-centered and people- centered approaches to leading subordinates Variety amplification: the creation of uncertainty and the analysis of many alternatives regarding future action Variety reduction: the limiting of uncertainty and the focusing of action on a limited number of alternatives Transformational leaders: leaders who are visionary agents with a sense of mission and who are capable of motivating their followers to accept new goals and new ways of doing things Charismatic leaders: leaders who inspire and motivate employees through their charismatic traits and abilities Transactional leaders: individuals who excha
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