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Lecture 3

MHR 700 Lecture 3: CHAPTER 12

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Human Resources
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CHAPTER 12 Motivation: a psychological process through which unsatisfied wants or needs lead to drives that are aimed at goals or incentives Intrinsic: a determinant of motivation by which an individual experiences fulfillment through carrying out an activity itself and helping others Extrinsic: a determinant of motivation by which the external environment and result of the activity in the form of competition and compensation or incentive plans are of great importance The Universalist Assumption: - The motivation process is universal; all people are motivated to pursue goals they value - But, culture influences specific content and goals pursued - So, the specific nature of motivation differs across cultures Content (need-based) theories of motivation: theories that explain work motivation in terms of what arouses, energizes or initiates employee behaviour Process (cognitive) theories of motivation: theories that explain work motivation by how employee behaviour is initiated, redirected and halted Maslow Theory: - Physiological needs o Basic physical needs for water, food, clothing and shelter - Safety needs o Desires for security, stability and the absence of pain - Social needs o Desires to interact and affiliate with others and to feel wanted by others - Esteem needs o Needs for power and status - Self-actualization needs o Desires to reach one’s full potential, to become everything one is capable of becoming as a human being Herzberg Theory: Two-factor theory of motivation: a theory that identifies two sets of factors that influence
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