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MHR 711- Chapter 3

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Human Resources
MHR 711
Danielle Lamb

MHR 711 Chapter 3 Workers Compensation Workers compensation ratesbased onof claims filed o Workers avoid filing legitimate claims eg due to complexity view as minor injuriesWorkers Compensation form of insurance governed by an act of Parliament to help workers who are injured on the job to return to workInjured workers receive ofirstaid treatment on job local treatment facility o Benefits whilehome o Proper treatment for any injuries RehabilitationPremiums cost of insurance paid by employer o Rate is per 100 of payroll o Compensation based on percentage of salary to specified maxNo expensivelengthy lawsuitsaccept WCB authority in determining amount of compensationWCBs once were responsible for incident prevention OHS aspectsfunction of Workers Compensation o 1970s80s combined role seen as conflict of interest by govsOHS function given to diff gov deptSome WCBs have input in experience rating or meritdemerit programwork w gov in develop programs to reduce workplace injuriesPersonal injuries not compensated if bc of workers seriouswillful misconductdoes not result in serious disablementHistorical Roots1 Workers compensation originated in Germany 1884 a Canada in 1914 Ontario Workmens Compensation Act by provincial Parliament i 19121914 study of laws in European countries by Sir William Ralph Meredith b USA in 1908 the federal Employers Liability Act2 Principals of Ontario Act of 1914 a collective liability for employers employer relieved of individual liability b compensation for workers regardless of financial condition of the employer c compensation based on loss of earnings d no fault system e Nonadversarial process little or no recourse to the courtsAdministrationResponsibilities WC in Canada1 Provincial boards exclusivefinal jurisdiction in a Fix and collect assessments b Determine the right to compensation c Pay amount due to injured worker 2 Regulations Responsibilities of WCBs a Injured worker will receive i Payment while off workall medical bills paid if injury happened at workbc of work ii Pension if disability isbecomes permanent iii Benefits if they cant earn same amount ofearned before incident b Immediate familydependants get benefits if worker is killed or dies bc of injury on the job c WCBS i Classify employersto ensure consistency ii Decide if individual is classified as a worker subcontractor or an employer 1 each class has diff conditions iii pay benefits if worker with industrial disease from occupation 3 Ontario boardWorkplace SafetyInsurance Board WSIB 1
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